Start My Day lets you be lazy, but needs to stop slacking

Use Start My Day to launch your favorite programs all at once, but be aware of its bugs and annoying messages.

If you are like me, you have trouble pouring a cup of water in the morning, let alone hastily navigating through what seems like an endless stream of computer programs and sites. Start My Day is a desktop application that is supposed to clear your computer's morning fog by opening your selected favorite programs, Web sites, and music simultaneously. Though its main function is useful, the program has multiple bugs that make it less than satisfactory.

Once SMD is open, two messages will pop up before the application is visible. The first states that the "publisher cannot be verified," which you can choose not to see again, and the other message reads, "unhandled exception has occurred in your application." You can disregard this curious message by clicking "continue." To add programs, Web sites, and music for SMD to run simultaneously, simply click on the respective tab and select "add." When you want to run the programs, click "run all." Before they start, a message will appear saying "cannot start processes," even though they begin moments after.

The program is extremely intuitive, but it has problems with some of its attributes. A function that would have been useful is the option to set an alarm for SMD to start running. This does not work. However, there is an option to run SMD upon computer start-up.

If or when the publishers decide to fix the above glitches, Start My Day will be extremely useful. For now, the option to run multiple programs at the same time is handy, but the random messages are frustrating.