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Funnyman and 'Exes' star, Wayne Knight, jokes about his favorite apps for work and play, the app that got away, and why -- even in our e-mail dominated world -- there's still a place for the U.S. Postal Service.

One relationship is fractured, another is revisited, and another is publicly unveiled. Audiences can expect that and more on tonight's season finale of TV Land's "The Exes," which premieres Wed., Aug. 28 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Wayne Knight (left) brings the laughs on "The Exes." (Credit: TV Land) caught up with series regular Wayne Knight (who plays jaded homebody Haskell Lutz), best known for playing manic mail carrier, Newman on "Seinfeld," Det. John Correli in "Basic Instinct," and villainous computer network engineer Dennis Nedry in "Jurassic Park," about "The Exes"' season finale, his favorite apps, the one that got away, whether e-mail can ever replace the U.S. Postal Service, and getting stalked by a crazed fan with a penchant for cooking turkey dinners, over snail mail.

First off, with the season finale of "The Exes" premiering tonight, can you give us a taste of what to expect for Haskell's character?
Well, Haskell's trolling this wedding, because he believes it's where you find the downtrodden, the miserable, the angry, and the envious; and that's the perfect woman for Haskell. I think there'll definitely be enough mirth to be had in the 22 minutes, tonight.

The Haskell character is a definite homebody. While spending his days at home, which app best helps him to pass the time?
I think that there are a lot of apps that we don't even know about that Haskell would be using. Haskell would be gambling with Ukrainian people. He would have a Hangout with the most unsavory of people. And they would be doing things and he would be watching. I think he would stretch the limits of what was possible. I don't think he'd ever leave the house, if he could get all of his food, services, and things from Amazon Fresh.

Which apps do you, yourself, use most, day-to-day?
One of the things I use on "The Exes," on a daily basis, is iAnnotate. iAnnotate is a PDF reader that allows me to download my scripts so I don't use any paper. And I use it on the iPad, so I can highlight my scripts on the iPad and we can get pink or blue pages, or whatever. Even on the day of the shoot, the office immediately e-mails me the changes and I put them on the iPad, so I never have to collate a script or insert changes or any of that jazz. I just do it all on the iPad. I also like it because if someone sends you a contract that needs signing or document that needs signing, I'm able to sign it on the iPad and have it flattened and e-mailed back, so I don't have to print it out and fax it and all the other jazz that I had to do in the past.

For fun stuff, I'm not a big game guy, but I have a three-year-old son and I take pictures of him all the time, and on the iPhone there's an app, Camera Plus, a photo app that I use a lot because it allows me to do a modicum of digital touch ups immediately. So when I print out or e-mail the photos, everybody goes "Wow, those look so good, coming off the iPhone" and it's because they let you process them right away, lightbox them, ditch the ones that stink, take a good one and enhance it and make it look better, crop it, and change the light source on it.

Considering the title of your show, is there an app that you once loved, but have since left behind?
I was an early adopter of SlingPlayer, but then Mac fell out with Sling, where it didn't work, but it works now. In a period of time, I think Sling was at war with Apple, because Apple wasn't sure if they were going to do something with Apple TV, where they could do Sling-recorded programming; but it didn't work very well, so it kind of fell out. But there are so many video sources now where I don't have to use my DVR to see a show I missed, since I can see it on Hulu Plus, Netflix, and even YouTube, so I don't have to resort to going there.

Considering your role on Seinfeld, I was curious about your thoughts on the state of the U.S. Postal Service, with more people e-mailing than mailing, these days?
Well, I think that until 3D printing is really here for the masses, the postal service serves a function that you can't get in any other country in the world. They get you stuff quickly and cheaply. They're competing on the package side with FedEx and UPS, but no one does what they do, as well, in terms of flat mail. They're not a government company; they've been operating on their own and just off the price of postage for some time.

Representing those fine fellows for some time, I've decided that it's better to speak kindly of them because they're pissed off. I run into mail carriers all the time and I try to embrace them as opposed to having anything bad happen to me [laughs], so I'm all for the postal service and "Yay, Saturday delivery." And why not deliver at two in the morning, so you can wake up and it's like, "Yay, the mail's here."

Are you a big mailer?
No. Unfortunately I don't because I think what we do these days is that we take a photograph and turn it into a postcard. I must say that getting birthday cards online that virtually open and balloons come out of them -- it blows. The reality is that when I was a kid, getting stuff in the mail was one of the greatest things imaginable.

But once you become a celebrity, or a pseudo-celebrity or a tertiary celebrity, or whatever the hell I am, you have to be careful of mail coming to your home, because people track where you live through the mail directory. I once got mail from someone who said that she wanted to cook me a turkey dinner but her father was in the way and that was something that would soon be rectified. That was stalker stuff. So I've kind of gotten off the mail world, like going to a postal box and then they send it to me at the end of the week and it's whittled down to statements of your investments, business mail, or the occasional equity newsletter -- but no real fun mail. But I'm actually one of those people that really likes junk mail. I like Sharper Image catalogs, all of that crap. I'm not big on coupons but the rest of it is great.

Haskell Lutz might be, but Wayne Knight is no stranger to female attention. (Credit: TV Land)

Which catalogs are your favorites?
Well, my whole sexual life began with the Spiegel catalog, when I was a kid. I lived in a small town, so there weren't Playboys just lying around.

You had worked as an investigator early in your career and played one in "Basic Instinct." Are you the kind of person that could easily get dirt on people, using your iPhone?
Yeah, I worked for five years in New York as a private investigator -- as a survival job [laughs]. Well, we had somebody that was supposed to come to our home and teach our son an activity and they didn't give us any information about the person and wanted us to book with them before they gave us information. I had his name and with that tried to find out if he had a Facebook or Twitter profile, and found some photos that he presented and some information and was pretty much able to get a background on him very quickly.

In the modern era, we give up so much information, voluntarily, so we don't have to dig very deeply. But now with GPS and apps like Find My Friends -- there are so many different apps that help you locate people, who most of the time have their location services on, on their phones, because they want to use it to be sold crap by corporations [laughs]. So then you can find out a lot of things about people.

When I was researching you, I found out that you had an angina scare, on the set of "Seinfeld," back in the day, which led to your dramatic weight loss. Out of curiosity, have you ever used any apps to keep your health in check?
I have some friends who've found them very helpful, but I haven't done that much. It's an ongoing struggle in terms of weight, but one of the things that's always worked is a food diary or an activity diary -- and apps are perfect for that. You can also get a pedometer app that tells you how much you're walking...and I understand the theory behind it, but I'm just an old fat man. I have a hard time. Anyway, I already do so much on my phone, so if I'm looking at my phone more, for even that, it's too much.

Looking forward, will "The Exes" be returning for another season?
The good news is that even with the juggernaut that is "Duck Dynasty," which is opposite us, last week, we had our best ratings of the season. We will be coming back in October to shoot 10 more episodes and we'll have new shows in December.

Check out a sneak peek of "The Exes"' finale:

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