Star Apps: Tara Summers

Summers counts Jack Nicholson and Diane von Furstenberg as godparents and Angelica Huston and Simon and Garfunkel as family friends. Now the actress comes into her own on "Rake."

Tara Summers, the daughter of socialite and British Vogue editor Nona Summers and gallerist Martin Summers, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had her first taste of success in the UK with an autobiographical play, "Gypsy of Chelsea," about her childhood with a socialite mother who counted numerous celebrities as personal friends. In the US, the actress first gained attention with a two-year turn on "Boston Legal." Now she hopes to find greater fame co-starring with Greg Kinnear on the new Fox series "Rake", Thursdays at 9 (8 central). Prior to the series' January 23 premiere, Summers chatted with about everything apps -- from her privacy concerns around posting to her Twitter account and taking Lyft, to her obsession with Shazam and Scramble With Friends.

Rake star Tara Summers is definitely in season. (Credit: Photos by Diana Ragland)

What are your top social media apps?
I have a fear of Twitter. It just freaks me out. I'm more of a voyeur. I just like looking at other people's pictures. Instagram, I'm obsessed. People are telling me to stop it, because at the moment I'm just putting up photos of food, because I go out with a chef. But it appeals to my senses.

Do you play gaming apps?
I like Scramble With Friends. It's like Words With Friends, but it's boggled. It's timed. I'm very competitive. I like playing things that have a time limit. I feel like with Scrabble, someone can go off and cheat. But with this, you can't, because you're under the gun.

What do you use to stay connected to loved ones who are far away?
Skype is good.

What's your favorite news app?
I read the Guardian. That's my favorite paper, and their app is a good app.

Do you use any music-discovery apps?
I like Shazam -- that's really boring, isn't it? I really like Shazam, because I listen to a lot of radio, and I never know what it is, and you can Shazam it, and -- boom -- you got it. I went to a party in a bar the other night, and I stood on a chair to put my phone next to a speaker near the ceiling. People thought I was out of my mind.

Do you ever use a ride-sharing app like Uber to get around?
I'm a big fan of Lyft, because they come and pick you up, and they've got a pink mustache on the front of their car. And they always have candy and phone chargers, and it's half the price of a taxi, and they're really nice people.

Summers hopes that Rake will lift her career. (Credit: Photos by Diana Ragland)

Have you ever taken a Lyft and been recognized by the driver?
Yeah, he kept saying, "You're that chick from TV. You're that chick from TV. I'm gonna look you up." And he started looking me up on his phone while driving, and I said, "Is there any chance you can look me up when we get to the destination? I would love it if you're not googling me while you're driving."

As a celebrity, do you ever feel uncomfortable knowing that the driver is privy to your name, number, and address?
Yes. Well, Lyft is also linked to Facebook, because you can't get Lyft without a Facebook account, so they know your name, phone number, address, and photo. You're right, maybe I should stop.

You've already achieved some fame from "Boston Legal." Do you think "Rake" might be your ticket to the top?
I want to be as successful as I possibly can, but I have no aspirations to be famous, because I'd like to keep a degree of anonymity and be able to take a Lyft.

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