Star Apps: Seth Green on Hipstamatic

Superstar Seth Green takes through his arty collection of Hipstamatic photos and provides the backstories for 12 of his favorites.

Superstar Seth Green is perhaps best known for his work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," three "Austin Powers" films, "Party Monster," "Family Guy," and his Emmy Award-winning, stop-motion-animated series "Robot Chicken."

What many fans might not know is that Green, who will soon appear on-camera in the upcoming feature "The Identical," the upcoming miniseries "Delete," and on fall's Fox comedy series "Dads," is quite the pro behind the camera as well, as his online photo album demonstrates. Green opened up about his Hipstamatic obsession and expounded on 12 unique photo opportunities that made him go zoom.

Seth Green (pictured) sees Google Glass as a natural progression toward human 2.0. (Credit: Seth Green)

How did you start using the Hipstamatic app?
I sound like an ad for them, but it's easy to take a great picture if you have the digital quality of the camera on your smartphone and then you have an app like that, that lets you use any lens and any film and any flash that you want.

Before Instagram, Hipstamatic was just a photo app and it allowed you to process the pictures that you took as if they were photographed under these specific conditions and circumstances, and it was completely different than applying an after-photo filter to it. That just does its best to approximate it, but somehow when Hipstamatic captures the photo, it adds all those elements as if it was shot under the conditions that you select. Then there's a huge camera bag that's developed over the last four to five years where they've added a lot of plug-ins for it and they're all really inexpensive.

Why did you decide to share these photos with fans on a Webstagram account?
Well, I had already warmed up to the concept of Twitter because it's the most direct relationship that a performer can have with fans, where you're completely unencumbered by everyone else's money and everyone else's input and you can succeed and fail quickly, because your audience tells you exactly what they like and don't like.

So I enjoy that freedom, and then it became a way of sharing something that's not entirely personal but may help put an idea in someone's head. I believe in community and the more we get connected to each other via the digital gateways, we're smashing a lot of the former boundaries, and I hope that that continues.

Check out Seth Green's highly-curated Hipstamatic slideshow, with his own descriptions of the photographs, by clicking on the pictures below:

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