Star Apps: Jacqueline M. Wood

The soap star and host of E!'s new travel series "Party On" shares her favorite vacation apps -- and much more!

Imagine spending the winter globetrotting to such exotic locales as Mykonos, St. Tropez, Marrakech, and Ibiza and partying with the likes of Stephanie Pratt from "The Hills," model Elisabetta Canalis, and rapper Tinie Tempah, among a host of local insiders.

This season your champagne wishes and Hvar dreams will finally be realized, guided by travel connoisseur and "Bold and the Beautiful" soap star Jacqueline M. Wood on new series "Party On," which showcases the most exclusive party destinations around the globe. Audience members won't feel left out, since the interactive series encourages plenty of participation via social media.

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Prior to the show's debut (December 5 at 10 p.m.), caught up with Wood, who shared her favorite vacation apps -- and much more!

How did you get this opportunity?
I was at Chateau Marmont, and my agent called me and said that E! Network is doing a new show called "Party On" and they need a host who travels around to these luxurious destinations and immerses themselves in the culture and really finds out about each location for people who might not have been there or don't know what this city or island is about.

Once I got the call, I was very excited, because I'm very well traveled -- I love traveling, it's a part of my life -- and this is something I knew I could do. I was really ecstatic when I heard they wanted to take a meeting with me, and I met with great, great people and just hit it off. So after a few meetings and auditions, I got the call that they wanted me as the host of "Party On."

Out of all the places you visited over the course of the series, which was your most favorite, and which was your least?
I loved Mykonos. It's such a beautiful island with beautiful people, great food, and great weather. I love that you're on this little island and everyone's on ATVs -- that's how you get around. You're either on a little Vespa or an ATV, and you're right on the beach, and the shopping is incredible. So I was very happy. I could have stayed there longer.

I can't tell you my least favorite, because I loved every moment of it, and each place had something to offer, but one place I never thought about going to was Istanbul. I had no idea that there was such a party scene there, and it's very exclusive -- the richest people from around the world travel there, to shop, party, and live that extravagant lifestyle, so Istanbul was a great surprise for me. I was not expecting it to be such a fun city.

When you're traveling, what's the hardest thing to leave behind?
I guess it's just friends and that routine of my lifestyle back here in Los Angeles. But because traveling has been a part of my life for so long, I can travel for months at a time and keep in touch with people via social media. But it is the routine of hanging out with my girlfriends, doing a movie night, or having them over for cocktails that I miss the most.

For a lot of people, travel brings self-discovery. Is there something you learned about the world or yourself through this experience?
That's a great question. I just like to learn about cultures. I'm not a judgmental person, so it's interesting to just dive into these different cultures, especially in Morocco or Istanbul, and really see how people live. Some people have these extravagant lifestyles there, and some people are happy with this little house and not that much, so it was a really humbling experience as well. You come back after you travel and you realize that there's so much to the world, and the little problems that you have don't seem that bad.

Wood rocking out in a pair of open-toed sandals. (Credit: Courtesy E! Entertainment)

How did you keep in touch with fans via social media during filming?
It's amazing how Twitter explodes your communication around the globe so easily. You can quickly just go online via Twitter and Instagram, Instagramming where you are or tweeting a question with "What's a great restaurant?" and, voila, someone answers you back within seconds. I love Twitter, I use it every day, and it's a great way to keep in touch with friends, family, and fans. It's a great way to let them know what I'm doing and to chitchat back and forth, so it was wonderful. That's what's different about "Party On," not just learning about the city, but you're coming along with me. I'm learning it, too, and that's one thing that I've always done. When I get to one location, I tweet, "I'm here, what are some cool places to check out?" And oddly enough there are enough people that have great answers, and it really helps you.

What were some of the apps that you found yourself using the most on the road?
Other than Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat is really fun. It takes quick pictures that delete right away, but it's also a great way to communicate with your friends for free and show a quick video that doesn't take up a lot of space on their phone, because they don't have to download anything. I use Viber, because when you travel your bill is astronomical, so when you travel overseas, go to your apps and find the best way to connect to people, personally, like WhatsApp or Viber -- those were great for me. I'm a big user of Google Maps to know what's going on. I keep up with Perez Hilton and CNN, because I am busy all the time but I want to stay in the know, so when I'm traveling around the world, I use that. Another one is SignNow, because when I do my paperwork and I'm overseas, you don't have to go and print out forms or stuff you need to get done, you can sign on your iPhone, which is amazing. My carry-on is so light because all the things I need are really on my iPhone.

What are the apps you use the most at home?
I am a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook fan. When I'm at home and I'm watching TV, I can post, "Hey, I see a good show," or if I watch a special on TV that really touches me, I want to express my feelings to my fans and friends. It's fun but it's also become this thing where you can gather fun information. You can gather things on Instagram from a simple photo to what are some great restaurants or food to eat or makeup or fitness activities. You can go to Twitter and go into a search field and find out what you need to know.

"Party On" is a real trip. Watch the trailer here!

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