Star Apps: Godfrey Gao

The Taiwanese actor/model, who makes his U.S. film debut this month playing warlock Magnus Bane in the much-anticipated "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," lists his top five apps.

First Jackie Chan, then Jet Li... and now Godfrey Gao? Already a major celebrity in China -- he's Asia's premier male supermodel and the star of a number of Chinese films and TV shows -- Gao aspires to become the East's next biggest export. With his good looks, charm, and role in the much-anticipated film adaptation of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," he just might be. In the movie, based on the YA bestseller about a teenage half-angel locked in an epic battle against demons, the Taiwanese actor/model plays fan-favorite character Magnus Bane, an 800-year-old bisexual warlock who throws epic parties.

Our Man Godfrey. (Credit: Jet Star Entertainment)

While on his first major U.S. press tour leading up to the release of "City of Bones"' on August 23 -- and just days after appearing before 6,000 fans at the film's Comic-Con panel -- Gao made time to chat with about the five apps that have cast a spell on him of late.


I like Instagram, because I love to take pictures. With Instagram, you snap what you think is interesting, you do your special effects filters, your borders, whatever you do to make the picture look cooler, which is why I love it. I take pictures of food, the sunset, whatever is interesting -- some sneakers, I'll put it on there. Obviously, I gotta put some selfies up there, as well, because that's what my followers always request.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is very addictive. Basically, it's so big in Asia. Everyone plays that game. I used to think it's stupid, but once I played a couple games and got addicted and really knew how to play, I started to find it really fun.

Basically, you match all these candy colors and then if you match three of the same candy, that candy disappears and other candy will come down; but if you match five of the same candy, you get a bonus candy and keep getting bonus points. All in all, it has great background music and the Candy Crush sound is ridiculous and you get all these sound effects that are really cool. It's definitely a fun game if you want to waste time.

Pretty nerdy, eh? (Credit: Jet Star Entertainment)

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is like the no. 1-selling game right now. You build your own army and your own troops. You build your own defenses. You have cannons, you have archers, and you attack people, as well. You attack villages to get gold. I guess I'm pretty nerdy.

It's one of the most addictive games, as well. A friend introduced me to that game and now I'm on it all the time. When I'm flying or when I'm waiting for something, I play that game.

Gao promises to tweet more selfies to his rapidly growing followers. (Credit: Jet Star Entertainment)


I love SoundCloud -- it's one of my favorite apps. You get your music on, and whenever you want to hear it, it's there. You get to follow your favorite artists, and I like hip hop and R&B, so that's my thing, or old school, and I like house, too. Whatever you want you can find on SoundCloud, and I think that's pretty cool.


I am starting to get on Twitter more and more often, because ever since I was cast for this movie, my followers have been blowing up; so in order to keep them interested, I gotta tweet more pictures -- put some interesting stuff on my Twitter.

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