Star Apps: GigaOM's Om Malik

GigaOM's founder and senior writer, Om Malik chats about his favorite apps and the rising star, which he considers one to watch.

GigaOM founder and award-winning journalist, Om Malik. (Credit: GigaOM)

Award-winning journalist Om Malik leveraged years of tech and business media experience -- senior editor at, senior writer at "Red Herring" and later "Business 2.0," and contributor to "The Wall Street Journal," "The Economist," and "MIT Technology Review" -- to found leading indie tech blog GigaOM, back in 2006.

Offering news and opinion on startups, social media, cloud computing, mobile gadgets, and of course, software, Malik's CNET Blog 100-recognized Web magazine has since spawned numerous conferences such as GigaOM Structure (cloud computing and Internet infrastructure), GigaOM Mobilize (everything mobile), GigaOM Roadmap (the intersection of design, UX, and UI), and paidContentLIVE (the business of content).

Now, GigaOM's founder talks to about the apps that keep him connected, organized, and even entertained.

What are your top apps and why?
Instagram, TweetBot, Camera Plus, Square Wallet, and Foursquare. I love those apps because I use them all the time. Twitter and Instagram are my two favorite social platforms and I prefer the TweetBot app, mostly because it has the ability to sync across various platforms (iPhone, iPad, and Mac.) Camera+ is my favorite photo app as it allows me to take pictures and edit them. Foursquare is what I use to find interesting places to try, especially when I am not in San Francisco. Wallet, because it is the simplest way to pay. I can't wait for more outlets to start accepting Square Wallet.

On my iPad, I also like Sonos, Kindle, and Netflix apps, but then who doesn't?

Do you remember the first app you ever downloaded? What made you choose that particular one?
I can't remember, to be honest. Of the earliest apps, I can only remember Angry Birds and Tweetie.

Do you use any apps to stay organized? Which ones and how do they help you?
I use Wunderlist and Drafts. Other productivity apps are mostly default apps: Mail, Cal, etc.

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only use one app, which would it be and why?
Instagram. Obviously.

Instagram: If Malik had to narrow it down to one. (Credit: Screenshot: Josh Rotter)

Which apps do you use to distract yourself on a long flight? Any guilty pleasures?
Kindle. It is the only time I get to read without being disturbed. I love other magazine apps, though none of the mainstream stuff. I like Surface magazine. I like Port Magazine's app.

Is there an app that you think is one to watch?
Well, since apps come and go so fast, I would says Dots from Betaworks is my current "one to watch," though it could be something else very soon. While my first screen doesn't change much, the second screen is essentially an exercise in experimentation, mostly un-launched products.

Are there any interesting trends that you're noticing in app development?
I think we are going to see a lot more apps that do "predictive" computing and it is an area to watch. I think Google Now is showing the way but there is a lot more fun stuff coming, and we shall see it come to market at rapid speed.

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