Spotify hits U.S. shores, plus browser and uTorrent news

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Big news hit U.S. shores this past week in the form of Spotify, the European on-demand music-streaming service. CNET Senior Editor Donal Bell calls it "the best free music option since stealing," but unfortunately, you may not get to try it for quite some time since as of now, Spotify is invite only.

In the world of browsers, Firefox has been sticking to its rapid release development cycle, and it's set to unleash some under-the-hood improvements that should make its fans happy. It's slated for 64-bit support, a reduction in memory usage, and an important update called Electrolysis. Meanwhile, a paid upgrade to the popular torrent manager uTorrent is in the works. It promises to include tools that will eliminate codec problems, convert file formats, and move content between devices.

In mobile news, the Android Market saw a major overhaul. In addition to a shiny new interface, Market-goers now can enjoy book purchases and movie rentals. If you haven't gotten the update yet, there's no need to panic, as Google says it'll be rolling it out in the next couple of weeks or so.