Soda PDF goes 3D

Soda PDF, one of the better Adobe Acrobat alternatives out there, just pushed out its 2012 suite of products today, and it's got some sweet 3D technology under the hood.

Soda PDF, the popular Adobe Acrobat alternative, jumped to version 2012 today.

All three editions--Standard, Professional, and Pro + OCR--have been outfitted with a redesigned user interface and improved PDF editing features. Now, users can split PDF documents or extract specific pages in just one click. Also, simple operations like selecting text and rearranging elements should be a bit easier.

But the biggest addition to the product is Soda's new 3D View. This patent-pending technology presents PDF files like a book, allowing you to grab and manipulate a page just as you might in the physical world. While it's not a particularly useful feature, it does add some visual flavor to what might otherwise be a drab PDF experience. Also, if you can get your hands on some PDF comic books, 3D View might be a nice option for some added realism.

To accompany Soda PDF as it makes its big jump to 2012, Lulu is also today releasing its free 3D Reader in its fully matured form. Previously only available as a Beta version, Soda 3D Reader is Lulu's answer to Adobe's Acrobat Reader, and is the only such product we've seen with the 3D View option. Also, if you register the product, you get PDF creation capabilities at no extra charge. Soda 3D Reader (download) is available for free download now.

Meanwhile, Soda PDF (download) is free to try for a 14 days. After that, you can get a full license for $49.95 for the Standard edition, $79.95 for Professional, and $99.95 for Pro with Optical Character Recognition.