Smash Bros., brought back and demade

A demake of Nintendo's fighting series.

Super Smash Land is a classic and faithful imagination of a "what if" scenario that undoubtedly plagued the minds of the original series' fans. What if Nintendo had ported one of its most successful franchises to its most successful handheld? Would we have seen more Smash brawls than Pokemon battles on the playground?

Regardless, Dan Fornace has brewed up a simple and nostalgic tribute to the Super Smash series. SSL features four stock characters, with two unlockables. Controls have been simplified to two attack buttons to emulate the original Game Boy experience.

 In addition to pixelated renditions of some of the game's original stages, an original soundtrack by Brendan Becker with standard Game Boy-style chiptunes is also included to retro-fy the game.

Gamers who have followed the game since its roots won't find the crazy items or competitive mechanics of Wombo-combos and wave-dashing in this rendition. However, SSL is still constantly being retweaked and balanced, so check the homepage occasionally for updates.

If you love retro-demakes and Super Smash Bros., head on over to and grab a copy!

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