Slacker Radio: Pandora's Palm WebOS rival

Streaming radio app Slacker Radio breaks into Palm's App Catalog for WebOS, creating rivalry for Pandora Radio.

Slacker Radio for WebOS

Pandora's largely undisputed reign on Palm WebOS-based phones may be over.

On Thursday, Slacker Radio released a version (.0.9.4) of its streaming radio app to the App Catalog in the U.S. and Canada. As with Slacker Radio for other mobile platforms, the free app gives you the run of more than 100 curated stations, or it lets you go into discovery mode a la Pandora and ilk by creating "custom" stations based on songs or artists you like.

Artist bios with photos are on Slacker's Palm menu, as are the buttons to rate songs as favorites and skip ahead. Slacker's premium subscription service is ad-free and lets you view song lyrics.

After logging into our Slacker account, the familiar app interface--which is now well standardized on Slacker apps across the BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone platforms--was easy to navigate and played stations as promised.

So far, one of Slacker's best features, caching music to listen to offline, is still only available for BlackBerry and is on its way to iPhone.

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