Slacker Radio now streaming lifestyle advice

Slacker has teamed up with ABC Radio to offer new Lifestyle stations to its listeners.

Popular streaming radio service Slacker Radio today launched a new category of stations that offers a different sort of listening experience to its users: lifestyle. Debuting as part of a partnership between Slacker and ABC Radio, the new stations offer curated talk radio content that includes advice and other stories dealing with the lifestyle interests of both men and women.

For now, Slacker's new lifestyle stations come in two flavors: Men's Life and Women's Life, with much of the content coming from sources like Esquire, Car & Driver, Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics, Complex Magazine, and GQ. The Men's Life channel covers categories including Health & Fitness, Games & Gadgets, Tech, Style & Fashion, and many more. Meanwhile, Women's Life features stories about Food & Drink, Entertainment, Hair & Beauty, Home Living, and more.

But not every man's or woman's interests can be covered by these carefully curated stations, which is why Slacker listeners can also customize them to create a better fit. And of course, they can also skip stories just as they can skip tracks when listening to Slacker's music stations.

Slacker's new Lifestyle stations are available to all Slacker subscribers through, as well as through the streaming service's mobile apps (Android | iOS).