Are you a writer? Do you dream about writing the next great novel? Whether you're an accomplished novelist or just want to get an idea for what it takes to pull elaborate settings, characters, and plot lines together for a book, I came across a program for Mac you should definitely check out.

Style sheets are fully customizable, letting you add as much information as you need. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Storyist for Mac ($59) attempts to take some of the confusion out of writing by offering a Web browser-like interface that's easy to navigate and organizes the many parts that go into writing a novel. While your creativity is still the key to success, Storyist helps you stay focused on the piece you're writing. Like a Web browser, you use the forward and back buttons to move from page to page or you can use the bookmark panel on the left to quickly get anywhere in the story. With the program's storyboard tools and story sheets, you get fully customizable forms for laying out the plot of your story, character descriptions, setting details, and any other relevant information--all accessible through the left navigation panel.

Storyist supports different types of writing styles so you can work on your project in the way you're most comfortable. Those who start with outlines to keep track of their work will like how Storyist makes it easy to consult your outline as you write. Simply bring up your outline in the pane above your work so it's easy to check back on pertinent information. The program also offers story templates to get you started right away, and if you have your own template in mind, you can add your own for future reference.

Keep track of and navigate through characters using your own images. (Credit: CNET Networks)

What sets Storyist apart from other writing programs is the amount of available tools to keep everything organized. You can organize and navigate through characters using uploaded images so you have a face for every name. You can create Wiki-like links in your story to keep track of the relationship between your story notes, characters, and planned plot points. Moving sections of your story around is simple with the Project Organizer, letting you add, remove, or change plot and story elements. In a pinch, you can also use the projectwide search function to find exactly what you want to work on.

The Style Editor lets you customize your project to your specifications. (Credit: CNET Networks)

When you're finished, Storyist provides common manuscript and screenplay formatting so you know your work is ready for publishers. If you want to shake things up a bit, a style editor and page layout tools let you add a personal touch to your project.

Though writing is not as much about the tools as it is the elbow grease you put into it, it certainly doesn't hurt to have a tool that keeps track of the details so you don't have to. Storyist gives you a method by which you can get to the business of writing with an enormous amount of flexibility so you can do things the way you want. If you're a writer or someone who has been thinking about writing a book, this affordable program offers up several useful tools to make the job easier.

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