Simplify Media adds options

Share your music collection with your friends and even yourself via remote with Simplify Media. The latest build brings users a few more options and should whet the palate until the full version drops this summer.

One of the most promising freeware programs of 2007 was Simplify Media, a plug-in for iTunes and Winamp on both Windows and Mac that lets users share their music collections with friends and themselves via the Internet. The application is expecting an official release in June, but until then you'll have to appease your appetite for music with these beta builds.

New options in Simplify Media give users more flexibility. (Credit: CNET Networks)

The program still eats a voluminous amount of virtual memory--near the 100MB range, on average--but if you're not using a lot of other system processes it makes for an attractive way to get your tunes across the world, or just to another room.

The expanded settings panel will be greatly appreciated by users who don't have their music files stored in the default iTunes or Winamp directories, or want to keep a separate collection of tunes for sharing in a separate folder. A new option lets you set the music folder location, and separately share iTunes or Winamp playlists. Users can make further tweaks to start-up behavior, and you'll now see a tally of songs being shared next to your friend's computer names.

Additional improvements for Mac users let them run Simplify Media with Front Row on Tiger and Leopard, and the application can now be run from the Menu Bar instead of the dock, but only in OS X 10.5.2. Sixty-four bit Windows Vista users should now see support for the application, as well.

Finally, the publisher notes that iPhone and other smartphone users should see an official release, also in June.