Shh! FlipSilent for Symbian phones hushes incoming calls

Want to silence an incoming call without fussing with buttons? FlipSilent does the trick for Symbian S60 phones with built-in accelerometers.

FlipSilent menu

There are awkward times to answer an incoming call, and equally awkward ways to silence it. I can think of a few scenarios where fumbling to locate the ringer or off button is as disruptive and stressful as the constant ringing.

Taking advantage of accelerometer technology, the very same used to reorient phone and camera displays horizontally or vertically, is FlipSilent. With FlipSilent, quieting a call is simple as flipping the phone from its back to its face.

FlipSilent currently works with Symbian S60 phones outfitted with motion-sensing accelerometers. Users willing to make a donation with PayPal can try out the latest beta version, which also hushes a phone alarm when you need to snooze just 5 minutes longer.

I'm curious if the phone has to be flat for FlipSilent to do its duty, or if any 180 degree rotation would silence the call; for instance, if the phone is sitting upright in my purse, will a swivel suffice? While I attempt to get my hands on a compatible phone, try it out and let us know what you think!

[Via The Boy Genius Report]

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