Seeing the future, Web browser-style

This week Firefox reveals its new beta, Microsoft presents Mars, and Windows expects upgrades.

On Tuesday, Mozilla revealed its Web browsing future with Firefox 4 beta 1. Apart from front-end changes such as tabs-on-top, a new Firefox menu button, and upgraded search functions in the URL field, the new beta has much to offer under the hood. Its upgrades include more HTML 5 support, including for the WebM video format that's been generating a lot of interest. You can expect to see a lot more Firefox news as Mozilla continues to develop this new beta version. In the meantime, check out's first look at Firefox 4 beta 1.

If you're a space nerd like me, Microsoft's improvements to its Worldwide Telescope project will wow you. Microsoft's partnership with NASA helped it improve its imagery of Mars--these photos are truly a vision.

In other Microsoft tidings, Windows 7 users will be pleased to know that four security bulletins are coming their way on Tuesday.

Finally, for all you Google Chrome converts, we have a special treat: a how-to tip on switching between the three versions of Google Chrome.

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