Security in numbers

This week we take a look at Immunet Protect's "Collective Immunity," Flock's new relationship with Chromium, and present the iOS 4.

Hello, Download Dispatchers! This is Polina Polishchuk, CNET's summer intern (nice to meet you). This summer I'll be guiding you through some of the week's notable posts and awesome downloads. So, without further ado...

It's good to remember that very often, safety comes in numbers. At least that's Immunet's approach in the free Immunet Protect antivirus software that was just released last week. The community-based cloud detection system, called "Collective Immunity," is meant to be used concurrently with other security software to bolster your computer's protection. The collectivity doesn't stop there, though; Immunet's security app lets you invite friends to use the program, replaces e-mail support with an online forum, and offers free 24-7 telephone support.

Speaking of community, the socially centered Flock browser released its Chromium beta version this week. CNET's Senior Associate Editor Seth Rosenblatt takes a look at Flock 3, which aggregates your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr accounts under one slick-looking, share-happy roof. Also this week, Opera released its latest beta, which the browser-maker claims to be twice as fast as before.

Finally, for all you Windows users who also love your iPhone, Senior Editor Kent German has a hands-on review of the highly anticipated iOS 4. If that's not enough, check out all the latest in iPhone 4 news and reviews.