Save your browser tabs with Session Buddy, Session Manager

These add-on apps help you work more efficiently by saving your opened Chrome windows and tabs for future use.

With the introduction of tabbed browsing, the way we surf the Internet has never had more distractions. Session Buddy and Session Manager aim to bring a little order to the chaos. Whether you're a couch surfer, a college student, or an office jockey, chances are you probably have what seem to be a thousand tabs opened right now. Managing all those open windows were a hassle before, but now with each one having about 20-plus tabs opened, too? One trick was to force shutdown Chrome. The crash-saving feature would save your session for the next time you launched your browser, but this can be tedious to do every single time. You could keep your computer powered on so your browsing session will be there the next time you return. However, this will waste a lot of computer memory if you want to work on something else in the meantime. It's also not a very green solution if you are simply going to be away from the computer for awhile. Thankfully, there are easier options, with the help of Session Buddy or Session Manager.

Just two more windows... then that's it. OK, maybe three. (Credit: Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

Here's how it works: install one of the Session Buddy or Session Manager extensions on your Chrome Browser, go to work on whatever is that needs to be done online, and when you feel that you have opened every Web page that seems somewhat relevant, hit the respective icon next to the URL bar and save your session.

Session Manager\'s Tab (Credit: Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

Session Manager is a quick and easy way to instantly save all of your Chrome-opened windows and tabs for a later time. This session can be revisited anytime at your convenience -- it will even let you save multiple sessions! Switching between workspaces is no longer a chore. Going from work to play is as easy as closing your browser and changing sessions. Be mindful that it can be a bit buggy as there hasn't been a recent update for the newer version of Chrome.

Power users should go and check out Session Buddy. This compact and robust extension operates similarly to Session Manager, but comes with a multitude of features. Session Buddy will show your current browsing session with a detailed account of each opened window and tab while allowing you to edit your workspace before saving. It'll also allow you to combine windows, organize tabs, and even import your session to be used on another computer. Needless to say, both extensions add a new level of functionality that could immensely increase your efficiency. Whether you're working on a research project, doing some coding, checking social media or even a little casual shopping, being able to manage your windows and tabs can cut down your work time and let you do the things that are truly important: downloading stuff off our catalogs.

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