Save San Francisco from mutant cheese and celebrate the DNA double helix

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the DNA structure's discovery by Watson and Crick, Biotech industry leader, Genentech releases Ralph's Killer Muenster.

Mutant Muensters are on the loose! Who do you turn to for help when killer cheese aims to destroy San Francisco? That is the question Genentech poses on the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix by Dr. Francis Crick and James D. Watson.

In Ralph's Killer Muenster (available for iPad) the game charges you, the user, to track down the runaway mutant cheese that escaped containment. The twist is the devious muenster is quickly spreading and mutating into different strains. Solve puzzles using genetic methods and scientific processes (Read: match symbols and shapes) to track down each strain and save the city before it's too late.

A leader in the biotech field, Genentech is known for their pioneering work with synthetic human insulin in the fight against diabetes and for the discovery of multiple cancer drugs. Besides making super drugs, the biotech giant recently partnered up with design firm Ideo to release Ralph's Killer Muenster. The goal of the project is to spark an interest in science in kids, while allowing them to have fun. The quirky game was released on the anniversary of the DNA structure's discovery, 60 years ago. It's a milestone that fostered countless innovations and advances in the fields of biology and medicine.

The creators of Ralph's Killer Muenster went all out to promote their cheese-based game, starting with a full-blown Web site, complete with a blog and Twitter, where you can learn about the coagulating origin of Ralph's enterprise. There is even a store, from which you can place orders for Ralph's cheese (should they ever restock).

Ralph's Killer Muenster is surprisingly fun and easy to pick up despite its cheesy premise. With its soothing ambient techno beat, the game is reminiscenct of watching an episode of "CSI." Complete missions and objectives, all the while learning examples of real-world methods for tracking down and treating diseases. Killer Muenster is as much of a BLAST to play as it is educational.

If scientific games are your thing, also check out Genentech's other endeavor, Muck Busters, a game about Cystic fibrosis. Like Ralph's Killer Muenster, the premise is a little strange but the gameplay is top notch!

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