Rhapsody brings its music to Android tablets

Rhapsody, the popular music subscription service, has today made its way onto Android tablets running the Honeycomb OS.

Popular music subscription service Rhapsody today brings its library of tracks to Android tablets running Honeycomb.

While Rhapsody has long been a fixture as a music player on many Android phones and the iPhone, today's newly released app was specifically created for tablets. And different from the iPad app, it's not simply a scaled-up version of its smaller-screen counterpart. According to Chief Product Officer Brendan Benzing, the folks at Rhapsody "re-imagined the entire experience" in order to take advantage of the extra screen real estate of a tablet and the capabilities of the Android Honeycomb OS.

Users of the new app will notice artist photos and album covers front and center in the refreshed interface. Also, tablet users get access to the huge library of editorial content that's available on the Rhapsody site but inaccessible from previous mobile apps. And finally this newest release even lets you download playlists to local memory for easy playing while offline.

Rhapsody for Android tablets (download) is available now for free for devices running Android Honeycomb OS.