Remember The Milk sweetens its UI and goes free

Remember The Milk, the popular and whimsically themed task-management app, just got a major Android update. And did we mention, it's now free?

Remember The Milk, the popular, whimsically themed task-management app, just got a major Android update. Not only has the app's user interface (UI) been completely redesigned, but also the basic version of Remember The Milk is now free for everyone. Previously, only paid Pro account holders were given free access to the RTM Android app.

Remember The Milk's new UI includes several features that should make managing tasks significantly easier. Most notably, there is an Action Bar at the top of the screen, with sync, search, and Smart Add buttons, all of which can be used from anywhere in the app. There's a brand-new dashboard screen, which gives you an overview of all your tasks, multiple task-editing capability, a new "This Week" view, and more.

Also, since the basic app is now free to everyone, Pro RTM users are getting to keep a few new features just for themselves. Pro users get reminders in the notification bar and app dashboard and a few new widgets for even better task management from the Android Home screen. What's more, they get unlimited automatic syncing, while free users only get one manual sync per 24 hours.

Considering Remember The Milk's big news, it is inevitably going to be compared with other free task managers like Astrid and Wunderlist. How do you think it fares? Do you have another favorite free task manager that blows all of these out of the water? Let us know in the comments.

The newly updated Remember The Milk app is available now for free download in the Android Market.