Rdio for iPhone gets a new look

Popular subscription music service Rdio just revamped its iPhone app with a more intuitive interface and some new features.


Rdio, from the makers of Skype (Windows/Mac/iPhone), is a subscription-based music service offering more than 5 million songs as well as added social components that let you connect with friends to share and discover new music. Today, the service announced an updated version of its iPhone app that features an entirely redesigned interface and new options for song recommendations, popular music charts, and new releases. It also offers improved search tools and better syncing controls than previous versions.

The new Rdio interface makes it easy to get to where you want to go quickly.

Get started by downloading the free app, then sign up at the Rdio Web site for a 30-day free trial. As part of the Rdio community, you can share music with other members, add friends, and follow their music choices to find new music. You'll also be able to create unlimited playlists and share your playlists.

Even though Rdio streams songs to you initially, what's great about the app is you can sync your favorite songs to your device so you can listen to them even without a connection. Unsynced songs also remain in your collection, but you'll need to be online to listen.

With a redesigned and intuitive new interface along with useful features for searching and discovering music, Rdio might make its way onto more people's iPhones. And at $4.99 a month for unlimited songs, the service offers a deal on par with competition from the likes of Slacker. If you love music--and don't want to pay for it piece by piece--Rdio is a great subscription-based alternative.

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