Qik announces streaming video for BlackBerry

Qik welcomes BlackBerry into the family of phones streaming its live cell phone video. But the alpha application is missing a signature feature.

Qik on BlackBerry

California mobile video company Qik on Sunday announced the alpha release of version 1.0 of Qik for BlackBerry. The free, downloadable application (covered here and demoed here) lets cell phone filmmakers stream video live from their mobile phone to Qik.com, social networks like MySpace, Orkut, and Facebook, and to any personal blog.

When you're done filming, Qik also plays a post-production role by auto-publishing the recorded video stream to YouTube or Seismic. You can opt out by turning the feature off before or during the stream.

At the outset, Qik's alpha download will only be available for the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and 8130, and for the BlackBerry Bold. Qik plans to follow up with support for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip and the Curve.

Initially, one of Qik's signature features will be absent from all BlackBerry models: the ability for viewers watching real-time videos to interact via instant messages. Qik tells us that the live chat feature is running into a "text and camera app issue." In Qik, the incoming instant message lays over the video, something that's not built in to the BlackBerry platform.

Qik's inclusion of the BlackBerry platform brings the company's mobile presence up to six major phone manufacturers, including the iPhone, many HTC models running Windows Mobile, and Symbian-revved Nokia handsets. The complete list of cell phone models that Qik's live streaming video application supports can be found here.

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