Pure takes Kaspersky's security to the next level

Kaspersky enters the Total Security level of consumer protection with its new offering, Pure Total Security. It bolts on centralized home network security controls and a Time Machinesque backup system to the base of Kaspersky other security products.

A laundry list of features new to Kaspersky debuts today in a new home security suite, Pure Total Security. Originally announced earlier this month at CES 2011, Kaspersky Pure Total Security takes the highly regarded set of features offered in Kaspersky Internet Security and mixes in some extras that are designed to appeal to people who have more complicated, multi-machine setups at home.

Most notable among these new features is centralized home network security management. It allows users to control the security settings of the other computers within their home LAN that are also running Pure, and it will work remotely as long as the user is connected via VPN. Pure will let you run scans, configure security policies, run backups, and monitor parental controls for multiple machines from one computer.

Pure also is the only Kaspersky home offering for North American residents that includes local backup management. The company took its preexisting Crypto-Storage product and integrated it with Pure, so that you can run and manage backups similarly to how Pure will let you handle security settings.

Another new feature in Pure is the inclusion of password management from Lamantine's StickyPassword, which along with basic password-management controls has a portable option so you can export your encrypted passwords onto a USB stick and use that on any PC. Pure also comes with file encryption and shredding.

Kaspersky has further plans for new products. In mid-March, the company hopes to release Kaspersky Small Office Security, which will include server support for up to 10 computers, and free tech support, and is qualified on MS servers Windows servers 2008 R2 and above. And like many competitors, the company plans in the next few months to add Android and BlackBerry support to its mobile security option that currently is only available for Symbian and Windows Phones.

A one-year license for Kaspersky Pure Internet Security covers three computers, and retails for $89.95.