Power Downloader uses CrossLoop to help his friends

Power Downloader has lots of friends. Some are computer experts, but some need a helping hand once in a while. For their most complicated problems, he uses CrossLoop to access their computers remotely.

As long-time fans know, Power Downloader is a gregarious guy. Modest to a fault, he just likes helping people. One of his favorite programs for helping computer users of all levels of experience is the freeware application CrossLoop. CrossLoop is a secure single-serving of remote access, but once it's given, the remote user has complete access until the connection is severed.

When PD runs the program, his PC is assigned a new 12-digit access code each time you start the program. The person he's helping also gets a new access code and then shares that with PD. Power can then help with whatever task he's needed for, whether it's a simple question of locating a file or a complex print server compatibility issue.

CrossLoop enables one-on-one remote access tech support. (Credit: CNET Networks)

CrossLoop is safeguarded with a 128-bit encrypted connection so it makes a great solution for no-budget, long-distance tech support. Guests can use any app and save files on your computer, as if they were sitting in front of the machine. No router configuration is required--a big plus. File transfers are now supported, but the purpose here remains collaboration: CrossLoop doesn't work without explicit permission from the host.

The odd nature of sharing a desktop cursor and the inability to add multiple users makes CrossLoop too challenging for proper business presentations. Since simplicity is a key attraction, the program lacks more advanced features, and the connection must be made in two minutes or it times out. CrossLoop provides a perfect balance of user control and remote access for somebody like Power Downloader whose calling is to make computers less confusing.