Power Downloader tracks the weather

When a close friend in a storm-prone area asks Power Downloader for a program to track hurricanes, he sends her the perfect software for the job.

Eye of the Storm 3000

When Power Downloader gets a download request in an e-mail from a friend, he always searches for the perfect software for his friend's quandary. Recently, when a friend who lived in a hurricane-prone area asked if there was a way to track storms, Power Downloader knew exactly what type of program she needed.

Nobody likes to hear there is a storm brewing if they live in a place where hurricanes ravage the coast frequently. That's why Power Downloader knows that a simple storm-tracking program can put a person's mind at ease, or in a worst-case scenario, give them more time to plan for a possible evacuation.

To track storms as they develop around the world, Power uses Eye of the Storm 3000. When his friend launches the program, she'll get a full-color 3D representation of the earth, complete with country names (city names are also available) and latitude and longitude readings, so it will be easy to find her location. Clicking and dragging the mouse over the globe will let her rotate the earth to her location, and updating the storm data will show her where current storms are located and whether there is reason to worry. As an added bonus, Eye of the Storm 3000 also has storm data all the way back to 1851, so those curious about past big storms in history can watch an animated version of how famous (or infamous) storms progressed. Along with the 3D color view, the program offers wire-frame and chart views so those with less powerful computers can get all the storm information, too.

When named-storm warnings hit the airwaves, people who live in historically storm-prone areas may (understandably) get nervous. With Eye of the Storm 3000, Power Downloader hopes his friend and others can feel sufficiently safe in the knowledge that they'll know how to react as a storm approaches.

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