Power Downloader surfs with confidence

When a recent Web surfing crisis strikes Power Downloader's sister, he rushes to the rescue with an alternative to Firefox: The Opera Browser.

Recently, Power Downloader received a instant message from his sister, Maggie Mouse. When he clicked on the blinking Pidgin icon, he found himself confronted by a distraught question: Firefox would crash on her in the middle of browsing her email. She had tried restarting the browser and restarting her computer, and she'd even reinstalled Firefox. Maggie Mouse had turned off all her extensions, and Mozilla's browser would still die on her. Although not a dastardly crime, this was definitely a job for Power Downloader.

Opera's tabs offer thumbnail previews. (Credit: Opera, Inc.)

For all situations, Power Downloader recommends keeping a second browser installed and ready to go. One of his favorites is Opera (download it for Windows and Mac). It's good enough to be your main browser, but if you're addicted to your Firefox extensions Opera probably won't be your first choice. As a second choice, though, Power Downloader believes Opera is an excellent way to go. It doesn't leak memory like Firefox 2 does, and it's got some top-notch features built right in--no need to hassle with plug-ins.

From the basics like tabbed browsing, themes, and widget support to advanced features such as autofill, basic e-mail and chat integration, mouse gestures, and Speed Dial, which lets users assign bookmarks to numbers 1 through 9, Opera offers a different and yet just as useful experience compared to its open-source competition. Maggie Mouse was so excited that she was able to Web surf again that she offered to help Power Downloader track down the evil Doc Destroyer.