Power Downloader shows you What's Running

If you're not sure what programs are currently active on your computer, Power Downloader has a solution that will make sure that you're always informed, and have the power to end, all sorts of programs.

One of Power Downloader's big concerns is that the average user lets his computer get away with too much. How many of us, Power D asks, truly know exactly which programs and processes are active at all times? There are several programs that can help you answer that question, and one of Power Downloader's favorites is What's Running.

What's Running shows users all manner of active processes, from DLLs to programs. (Credit: WhatsRunning.net)

What's Running is similar to Windows Task Manager, except far more informative and useful. The cramped multipane interface can be hard to read, but even it has its good points: it lists processes in a parent-child hierarchy--incidentally, not a bad way to spot malware--and it also lets you choose which columns of information to display. What's Running makes stopping or prioritizing processes as simple as a mouse click--a right-click, to be precise. And, Power Downloader notes enthusiastically, it even lets you control which programs launch at start-up.

The program is so thorough, it includes information on active DLLs, EXEs, and drivers. It lacks the ability to replace the Task Manager outright, but the organized manner by which it tells you just what your system is up to have made it an essential tool in Power Downloader's arsenal.