Power Downloader quickly scrubs his system memory

When Power Downloader notices that his computer is starting to feel sluggish, he uses a simple free program to quickly bring it back to peak working order.

Power Downloader

Power Downloader uses several types of software throughout his day including word processors, mapping programs, database apps, and even a few games during break time to let off some steam. In his endless hunt for top-notch applications, Power also ends up using a few programs that aren't all they were cracked up to be. With all the software Power sifts through, it should come as no surprise that some apps even have memory leaks that end up slowing down his system to a crawl. As a software superhero, a slow system simply will not suffice.

Instant Memory Cleaner
It\'s easy to bring up memory details to see where the bulk of your RAM is allocated (Credit: CNET Networks)

Power Downloader knows there are a number of ways to make his computer run at top speed, but one of his favorites is a tiny free program called Instant Memory Cleaner. With this utility installed on his hard drive, the minute Power Downloader notices his computer getting sluggish, he can bring up the program's tiny window and use the Clean Memory function to whip his computer into shape. The small interface shows his available free RAM in real time and if he wants more information he can click a button to get a detailed breakdown of what's eating up his memory. Best of all, once he's done using this simple app, the sluggishness he was experiencing disappears, returning his machine to its fast and nimble self.

Power Downloader has a lot of tricks for speeding up his machine, from cleaning out old cache and temp files, to defragging his hard disk. But sometimes all it takes is a little program like Instant Memory Cleaner to return his computer to peak working condition.

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