Power Downloader prepares for the worst

Power Downloader keeps a CD loaded with diagnostic programs, just in case of an emergency.

Power Downloader

If there's one thing Power Downloader has learned while working with computers and software, it's that there will inevitably be problems. With new viruses and new strains of spyware set loose onto the Web every day, Power knows he needs to stay on top of updates and the latest definitions for his programs. But even with the best protection available, occasionally something can sneak through Power's defenses, leaving his computer unusable.

To make sure he's prepared for the worst, Power Downloader keeps a bootable CD with a variety of programs meant to troubleshoot an otherwise unusable computer. Fortunately, it's easy to get it all in one download with UBCD4Win. With this catalog of free programs burned to a CD, Power can rest assured that in case of a full computer meltdown, he'll be able to boot the CD and run diagnostic tests, clear out any viruses, and retrieve or delete files. The download is loaded with diagnostic and security troubleshooting programs, many of which Power has used and trusted before like AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition, and Trend Micro HijackThis. It takes some work to build and burn a usable emergency CD, but fortunately UBCD4Win comes with step-by-step documentation, making it easy for anyone to have a go-to when nothing else seems to work. The large collection of programs takes some time to download (184MB), but Power knows that it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to all the important files on his computers.

All computers are vulnerable to problems and some are unfixable--even with these programs. With his computer experience, Power Downloader realizes that not every problem can be fixed, but with UBCD4Win, at least he has a great set of tools and one more avenue to explore before giving up on his important files and his machine.

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