Power Downloader monitors his memory

Peak system performance is crucial when your on the tail of Internet bad guys. Power Downloader uses a system performance tracking app to make sure his computer is always up to speed.

Power Downloader

When Power Downloader is hard at work in the Powerlair he often has several programs running simultaneously. Though he has plenty of RAM in his super system, Power likes to keep track of memory usage to see what's taking up the most space. It also helps to have memory tracking apps when he needs to diagnose system slow downs.

Use the preferences to choose which trackers you would like displayed (Credit: CNET Networks)

To keep track of how much memory is being used by his mission-critical apps, Power Downloader uses FreeMeter. With this free program on his computer, Power can track disk space usage, memory usage, disk transfer rates, and more all from a constantly updating interface. He can customize FreeMeter to show him only the usage statistics he wants to see and can designate which drives to track. To see how his computer is performing at a glance, Power also can display icons in his system tray showing memory and CPU usage. In the event of a system slow down, Power can check FreeMeter to see if an unexpected amount of memory is being used making it possible for him to zero in on potential problems and hidden resource hogs.

In Power Downloader's line of work tracking down Internet criminals, his computer must always be running at peak performance. With FreeMeter on his hard drive, Power can easily track several components of his computer's performance for free.

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