Power Downloader monitors computer usage

Power Downloader needs to make sure that his computer is safe from intruders when he goes away for the holidays. With iMonitorPCHome, Power can rest assured his important programs and files will be inaccessible.

Power Downloader

After a recent attack on Power Downloader's home system, Power wanted to find a way to monitor or block usage on his computer while away. Ideally, Power wanted a program that could block usage of certain applications and record usage if a bad guy somehow accessed his system. With the holiday season just around the corner, Power knew that he would probably need to take extra precautions.

A pie graph displays the percentage of time spent at each Web site (Credit: CNET Networks)

Sifting through the available security programs at Download.com, Power Downloader stumbled across iMonitorPCHome. With this program, Power could monitor all Web activity, as well as any programs that had been run. He could also disable programs such as chat clients and browsers to make sure a potential villain couldn't report back to his secret headquarters. The program also blocks selected Web sites if Power wants only to make sure the villain doesn't try to use the Web to crack his security. Though some features like usage time limits, timed screenshots, and chat capturing tools seemed more geared towards parental controls, Power thought it would be just the software he would need for when he leaves the Powerlair. Surprised that downloadable software has this many useful features, Power Downloader quickly installed and set it up on his computer.

The next time someone tries to access his system, Power Downloader will feel a bit more secure now that he can monitor the villain's tracks. Maybe next time he'll have just enough information to send the perpetrator to the slammer.

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