Power Downloader makes space on his hard drive

When Power Downloader runs out of space on his hard drive, it requires some quick thinking and a useful app from Download.com.

Power Downloader

During a recent mission, Power Downloader was working on some top-secret documents that he could only entrust to his superhero-grade hard drive. The only problem was, when Power went through the usual steps for saving and storing secret documents, he found that his most secure hard drive was almost totally full. He quickly realized he had no choice but to find a way to make room on his hard drive.

With no time to lose, Power Downloader surfed to Download.com and found JDiskReport. With this free program, Power could get a visual representation of files and folders on his hard drive so he could determine what was taking up the most space. With the ability to switch between pie and bar graphs, JDiskReport made it easy by letting Power view the size of every file and folder. He also was able to quickly view the statistics and percentage of used space on his drives. Using a multicolored pie graph representing past secret missions, Power was able to move certain obsolete documents from his secure hard drive to one with a lower level of security.

When he's out in the field, the last thing Power Downloader wants to do is mess around looking for hard drive space. With JDiskReport, Power was able to clear space on his secure hard drive quickly, and save the secret documents where no one could retrieve them but him.

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