Power Downloader makes screencasts for free

Explaining how to do something on a computer to someone who is not as computer savvy as you are can be difficult. Power Downloader finds a program to show people exactly what he's talking about in this weeks episode.

Power Downloader

With all his computer experience, Power Downloader gets a lot of calls and e-mails from friends and family who want advice with computer issues. Always happy to oblige, Power tries to find the easiest way to explain how to use various types of software and computer functions, but sometimes words alone are inadequate for complex computer tasks.

Start your video by selecting the viewing range in the window where you will record. (Credit: CNET Networks)

To make his explanations a little easier, Power Downloader found a program to make simple screencasts. Screen2Exe lets Power make little demo movies so his friends can see exactly what he's talking about. Screen2Exe leads him through a step-by-step process to record screen movements and lets him save the finished movie as an EXE file. For computer tasks that are particularly complex, Power Downloader can even record his voice to give more details. When his movie is finished, he can send the file through e-mail, making it easy for his friends to open and view the movie.

When explaining how to fix a computer problem to someone who is not as technically savvy as Power Downloader, sometimes the best way is to show them what he means. With Screen2Exe, Power Downloader can send a little movie along so his friends know exactly how to fix their problem.

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