Power Downloader makes a comic out of real-life images

When Kitty Kilobyte asks Power Downloader for a new and unique way to show off her pictures, Power finds the perfectly fun program for the job.

Power Downloader

Recently Power Downloader received an e-mail from Kitty Kilobyte who was away at school. Apparently Kitty had amassed a huge amount of digital photos by taking her camera with her wherever she went. She had pictures from birthday parties, school events, and concerts she had attended, and also simple shots of friends at school and other scenery in her life. She had thought about putting them into albums or posting them online, but wondered if Power knew of something new and exciting she could do with her photographs.

Comic life
Using the drag-and-drop interface, Power was able to make a nice looking comic with his digital images quickly. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Power Downloader already knew of many photo album programs and software to help people get their photos online, but to find something unusual and different, he would need to do some research at Download.com. After using some creative search terms and browsing through Download.com's immense software library, Power came upon a program called Comic Life. This program, which has versions for both PC and Mac, would let Kitty make a comic strip or even a comic book out of her digital images. Complete with layout templates, panel color styles, talking and thought balloons, and stylized text, Comic Life had everything Kitty needed to make a truly unique project. As an example of some things Kitty could do with this program, Power Downloader decided to put together a comic about himself. He realized quickly that the very act of working in Comic Life was enjoyable because the program had creative and comical sound effects for different features within the program. When he was finished with his Power Downloader comic, he sent the page to Kitty Kilobyte with a link to the program.

Once the e-mail was sent, Power Downloader continued to play with the tools in the program and had fun adding funny quotes and thought balloons to his pictures. He decided that Comic Life would be great for just about anything, from fliers for work to holiday cards. Hopefully, Kitty would find it equally as entertaining.

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