Power Downloader makes a capture

When Power Downloader realizes the Print Screen button's failings, he does a search on Download.com to find the perfect screen capture tool.

Gadwin PrintScreen

Recently Power Downloader was working on a top-secret project, which required him to grab screenshots of Internet criminals off the Web. Some pages had individual shots of the criminal in question, while other sites showed multiple photos on a page. As he slogged through the Web pages, Power quickly began to realize that the method of pressing the Print Screen key to capture what's on the screen was pretty inefficient. Once you have the screenshot in the clipboard, you still have to paste it into another program, and then name it and save it. Power realized that, when you have a lot of images to deal with, using the Print Screen process can be downright frustrating.

Thinking quickly, Power Downloader went directly to Download.com. After a bit of research, Power found Gadwin PrintScreen. With this utility at his disposal, Power can still use the Print Screen button (or assign any button he wants), but instead of wondering if he got the screenshot, Gadwin PrintScreen will bring up a window with the captured image. From this window, Power has a number of options before sending the image to any folder he wants. Extensive settings options let Power save the image in different formats, resize all captured images to his specifications, assign naming conventions for his images, and automatically copy the image to an e-mail or to his printer. The program also gives Power the ability to take all of his screenshots using a resizable box, so he can capture exactly what he wants every time.

Even when Power Downloader is doing something as mundane as capturing images from his screen, he knows that if there's a program to make the process both easier and more efficient, help is only a download away. With Gadwin PrintScreen, Power can now have complete control over his screen captures and do away with the counterintuitive Windows Print Screen method.

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