Power Downloader launches anything on the fly

When Power Downloader is in a hurry he uses a program that helps him get to Web sites, folders, and files immediately.

Power Downloader

When Power Downloader is hot on the trail of an Internet criminal, time is of the essence. If he needs to find specific computer information about his target quickly, he doesn't always have time to navigate through the usual Windows Explorer folders. Power knows spending a bunch of time trying to find the right folder or Web site can be the difference between making a capture and losing the trail.

When Power Downloader needs a file he has to get there quickly (Credit: CNET Networks)

To get to different areas on his computer quickly, Power Downloader uses LaunchOnFly. After setting up his most used programs, Web sites, folders and files, Power can use a hot key or just touch his mouse to the upper left corner of his desktop to bring up the LaunchOnFly menu. From there everything is available to him immediately with just a click of his mouse. Adding programs couldn't be easier, only requiring a right-click to a program's shortcut to add it to the LaunchOnFly menu. LaunchOnFly also has quick access for hiding and showing the desktop and for shutting down the computer, when Power needs to get moving quickly.

Sometimes when Power Downloader is in a hurry, he can't take the extra steps necessary to navigate through files and folders. With LaunchOnFly on his desktop, Power can get to important documents and case files quickly, giving him a much better chance to stop Internet criminals in their tracks.

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