Power Downloader finds free 3D-animation software

When Power Downloader's artist friend wants to move into the 3rd dimension with his craft, Power knows just what program to use for advanced animation.

Power Downloader

When Power Downloader received an e-mail from an artist friend recently, he wondered what he could do to help. Though Power knows a lot about software, he never had the type of talent needed to create art. His artist friend told Power that his work was going great, but that he was at an impasse. He wanted to get into the world of advanced 3D drawing and animation, but all of the software in the category was too expensive. That's when Power Downloader knew his friend was asking the right person.

With only a few clicks of his mouse, Power Downloader located the perfect program at Download.com. Blender is free, open-source software which allows artists to use professional-level tools to create 3D art and animation. Not for the beginner, Blender is loaded with advanced tools that manage to stay out of the way of an artist's workspace, so he can focus on what's really important. With a virtual laundry list of tools, including windows for animation curves/keys, an outliner, a schematic scene diagram, a generic node editing system, non-linear video sequence editing, a character animation action editor, image/UV editing, and file management, Power Downloader knew his friend would be impressed with Blender.

With all the advanced features offered by Blender, Power Downloader realized that his artist friend might need some extra guidance. That's why Power sent a link to the download along with a link to the Blender.org Tutorials and Help page. With step-by-step guides at his artist friend's fingertips, he would be able to create just about anything he wanted. Blender could even help create 3D video games. To get his friend started, Power suggested that he begin on the Interface Tutorial page to get an idea of how each tool worked and how to interact with the Blender interface.

Though Power Downloader is no artist, he knows how to find the tools that artists need quickly. With Blender at his friend's disposal, Power hoped to see dazzling animations and rendered 3D objects coming in the mail some time in the future.

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