Power Downloader discovers RocketDock

This week, Kitty Kilobyte sends Power Downloader a free Mac-like utility that increases efficiency on his Windows PC while adding a touch of style.

Power Downloader

Power Downloader is a lifelong Windows PC user, but he has a lot of respect for those who use other operating systems. Power knows that it's not as important what kind of computer you use as it is the software you choose to run on it. He has even admitted to Kitty Kilobyte in the past that both Mac and Linux operating systems are as attractive as they are functional.

That's why Power Downloader was pleased with an e-mail he received from Kitty Kilobyte the other day with a special program for his Windows PC. Kitty explained she had found a utility that could bring a very Mac-like launcher to his Windows desktop. After a quick download and install, Power immediately liked what he saw.

Choose from several different skins to make RocketDock match your desktop. (Credit: CNET Networks)

RocketDock behaves much like the Mac OS X Dock. Its smoothly crafted icons sit in a skinnable Dock interface that can be "stuck" to any side of Power's desktop for instant launching of programs. He can minimize Web pages and documents to RocketDock, make the icons "bounce" as the program launches, and he can drag icons to reorder them, just like on Mac OS X. It even offers the zooming mouse-over effect for icons. Though it's not quite as smooth as its Mac OS X counterpart, RocketDock is easily the best in its class for functionality and customizablity on Windows. It comes with several skins and icon variations so Power can match RocketDock perfectly to his desktop and he can get more skins and icons at the developer's Web site. Perhaps best of all, RocketDock is absolutely free.

Power Downloader's main super power is finding the most efficient software for any situation. But Power knows sometimes software can be both useful and provide a pleasing interface. With RocketDock, Power gets the Mac-like functionality and intuitive interface for launching programs, which he can customize to fit any desktop style.

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