Power Downloader caffeinates his HTML with CoffeeCup

Even with the advent of customizable blogs, Power Downloader knows that there's more to site design than two columns and a header. This week, he recommends a program that should appeal to both HTML newbies and coding kings alike.

With the advent of blogs and blog-tool plug-ins, the burning need for Web design at home has dulled somewhat. Power Downloader knows that good custom design is still appreciated, though, and this week he brings you a program that excels at helping home users achieve their Web design desires. CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008 is suitable for design newbies, HTML hotshots, and everyone in between. The latest version introduces a new CSS and HTML autocompletion tool to join CoffeeCup's well-known WYSIWYG and standard HTML editors.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008 features tabbed navigation and control panels, previews panes for images and a WYSIWYG editor. (Credit: CNET Networks)

It continues to offer powerful features melded to a straightforward and compact interface that is organized by tabs--perfect for keeping track of multiple projects. Advanced features include HTML and CSS scripting, Flash animations, and drag-and-drop Java scripts. Beginners, meanwhile, get an excellent tutorial and a WYSIWYG editor that supports simple drag-and-drop. Power really likes that those just starting off can easily jump back and forth between the WYSIWYG and the HTML to see what the preprogrammed code looks like. Heavily trafficked support forums are also available, and Power Downloader knows the value of such a community can be invaluable. An extensive array of samples and templates includes site designs and JavaScript-based widgets such as calendars and calculators.

Power appreciates the included list of tags, too. Inserting an image, a table, a list, or a DHTML menu is a snap, with tags self-completing--although that feature can be turned off. Tabbed editing lets you simultaneously change multiple pages, and a built-in FTP client facilitates one-click uploading. The status bar displays valid usage suggestions, and you even get a built-in thesaurus. Full-featured and easy to use, users who are worried about the $50 price tag should be comforted by the fact that it includes an unfettered 30-day trial and lifetime free upgrades.