Power Downloader becomes Power Uploader

This week, Power Downloader's eagle eye and helpful hints bring you Dragdropupload: a simple, small Firefox extension that can nevertheless revolutionize how you get files from your computer into Web-based forms.

Power Downloader always keeps his eye out for little tweaks and tricks that make using his computer simpler, easier, or faster, and today he's got a Firefox plug-in that does all three. When uploading a file to the Web, it's always annoying to have to navigate your files through the Web site's "Browse" option before locating the correct file path. Dragdropupload, while possessing a name bereft of certain punctuation complexities such as spaces, delivers the easiest way Power's ever seen for adding files to those pesky text fields.

With the extension installed, you can drag a file from Windows Explorer directly to the dialog box that is asking for input. The extension pastes the absolute location of the file on your hard drive--hit upload and you've saved possible hours navigating your hard drive's complex folder tree. The extension has no interface: it simply adds to the functionality of Firefox when it's installed. Originally intended for uploading attachments to Web mail accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, Power knows that the understated simplicity of Dragdropupload has the potential to be a serious time saver in the right hands.