Plan, shoot, and cut your own video shorts with Directr

Get inspired, let your imagination run wild, and create watchable movies for family and friends to enjoy.

Many developers are wisely taking advantage of the powerful cameras in today's smartphones and trying to replicate the success of photo sharing apps with video apps. Apps like Viddy, Klip, and Socialcam compete to let users make clips and add quick effects before publishing and sharing. But no developers have really taken that a step further to include the all-important creation component.

Directr and its creators want to distance themselves as far as possible from the new Video-Instagram crowd. The brainchild of a former Microsoft Software Engineer, Directr is a little video app that aims to help the average users create videos that their friends will want to watch. Instead of making long animated GIFs or small clips, Directr lets you explore your creative side while making some imaginative shorts.

Plan and Shoot (Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

Featuring professionally designed storyboards, music, and editing tools, Directr lets you turn ordinary life events into awesome shorts. Whether you hope to turn those vacation memories into adventure films or make an original advertisement to sell your car, the creative process works as follows:

    1.Pick from a pre-existing storyboard (adventure, drama, meme, etc.) or create your own.

    2.Add titles and plan out your shots with the easy-to-follow guide.

    3.Shoot or export your shots.

    4.Let Directr put your movie together.

    5.Save them on your phone or share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and SMS.

Community Videos (Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

The app can also help with finding your inspiration. View movies made by family, friends, or other Directr users to get your creative juices flowing.

At first glance, Directr may look a bit intimidating but with a couple minutes of playing around, you will actually start to feel like an amateur movie maker. The carefully written storyboards will guide you through the process of making your very own short film. The storyboards you pick will provide you with the music and captions. You can also create your own subtitles. Movie durations run from 30 seconds to the one-minute mark. Since new storyboards are constantly being added, we hope to see some longer clips in the future. That said, making your own mini-TV series isn't out of the question.

With its easy-to-use tools and easy-to-follow guidelines, Directr is the perfect app to bring some interesting stories to life. Easy to learn and quicker to set up, it can put anyone in the director's chair.

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