PKWare offers SecureZip for free

The software maker PKWare celebrates its 20th birthday by making its commercial encryption program SecureZip free for registered users.

Computer users may not be hitting any piñatas or streamers to celebrate security software publisher PKWare's 20th birthday, but the software-publisher is hoping that a free full-version giveaway of its security program SecureZip for Windows will make users grin all the same.

SecureZIP is now free for a limited time (Credit: PKWare)

The Register reports that "the release of a free version of the product marks the 20th anniversary of the firm and comes at the start of the Infosec conference in London this week."

Best known by CNET users for the original ZIP-file compression app PKZip, PKWare specializes in enterprise software. It is offering the full version of its SecureZIP program to individuals for free to introduce its products to a large number of new users. The software ordinarily costs $99.95.

SecureZip for Windows 11 syncs seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, encrypting messages and sensitive data stored on the hard drive. The utility also archives files and extracts them to save on e-mail and disk space. Management features let you tweak encryption and security details.

You'll need to register with a valid e-mail address in order to receive a e-mail message from PKZip with download instructions for the free license, but the whole process takes less than 5 minutes on a fast connection. You can register online at the SecureZip Web site.

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