Pizza Compass provides a "tool for sliced success"

If you are lost, tired, and hungry enough to eat at the nearest pizza joint you can find, the new iPhone app, Pizza Compass aims to get you there in a jiffy.

You're exploring a new city when time slips away. Darkness now falls and a chill settles in your bones. The growing rumble in your stomach is starting to scare small children who pass by. But don't even think about the neon-tinted, lowest-common-denominator fast food chains--what you need is a hot slice of pizza from a local joint that's still open. The new Pizza Compass app for iPhone and iPad from swaggering (and most assuredly apocryphal) "creator" Zeus Gorham Munkist and small development shop Oak Studios aims to get you there ASAP.

The Pizza Compass app combines simplicity and necessity. Click the green circle in the top-left of the app to find the nearest pizza. The name of the closest pizza joint to you will appear underneath a rotating slice that points you in the correct direction. A green or red bar at the bottom of the display indicates whether or not the pizza joint in question is open or closed, respectively. If you are near enough to the restaurant to smell the baking pies, the slice will start steaming.

In a comical press video, "Munkist" explains the app in grand philosophical terms:

The Pizza Compass app is banking on a combination of self-deprecating humor, app novelty, and practical use. Due to the nature of the app (pizza!) and its well-orchestrated promotional campaign, Pizza Compass is already making a splash around the Web after only a few days on the App Store. Time will tell if this "tool for sliced success" will catch fire with the passionate yet misdirected pizza-loving denizens of our fair metropolises, or if people are just going to keep using the established local-search service Yelp for all their pizza-discovery needs.

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