Pageonce productivity app coming to BlackBerry

Pageonce can already track your personal finances on the iPhone. Starting Monday it will also keep tabs on your online accounts on the BlackBerry.

Updated 10/20/08 with a product download link.

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I just demoed the prerelease version of Pageonce for BlackBerry, an app that will help track your personal finance and other online accounts.

For those of you unfamiliar with the product of which I speak, Pageonce (covered here and here) is a one stop shop for accessing all your online accounts from your mobile phone (as of today that's just the iPhone).

You sign up for an account online and begin filing the details for any number of personal accounts. There are templates you can choose by category, such as airlines for travel, Netflix and Amazon for entertainment, and, of course, your banking and credit card accounts. If your account type isn't there, you can add it in by hand.

After the initial setup, which can take some time if there are a lot of accounts you'd like to track, you'll be able to sign in from the BlackBerry to view your transactions, credit limits, and balance statements chronologically or by individual account.

Pageonce for BlackBerry
Keep tabs on your cumulative spending. (Credit: Pageonce)

If all this inputting of personal details sounds a little scary--after all, who would lightly enter their financial information anywhere?--keep in mind that Pageonce is shielded by 256-bit encryption and that Pageonce sends you e-mail alerts of suspicious activity if you or someone claiming to be you spends above your usual levels.

In the Advanced Security tab on BlackBerry, you'll also be able to lock Pageonce to your specific device. If anyone tries logging on from another device, your account will be deactivated to keep your information secure. If you're sharing financial information with someone else, however--a spouse, perhaps--Pageonce does support simultaneous sign-ins, so you can both track your cumulative spending, stock portfolio, and due dates for your next bill.

Pageonce is a much prettier and more functional app on the iPhone, however it proves fast and easy to use on the BlackBerry. Pageonce is currently free of charge and free of advertisements, though CEO Guy Goldstein confirms that banner ads will soon premiere for both platforms. Goldstein is also toying with the idea of making Pageonce for BlackBerry a premium product in the future, so you'd best get to downloading while the downloading is good and free.

While I am personally slow to share my bank account numbers and other sensitive data, those with more expansive comfort zones will find Pageonce a useful tool, especially if you travel often and have limited opportunities to check your statements online.

You can download Pageonce for BlackBerry by pointing your mobile browser to

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