Pageonce 2.0: More say for BlackBerry finance-watchers

A small but significant change gives Pageonce's BlackBerry application the green light to do more with your accounts from the phone.

From Pageonce 2.0, check your bank account balance from the BlackBerry.

If you're already using Pageonce on your BlackBerry, get ready for version 2.0.

On Wednesday, the Silicon Valley company is releasing an upgrade to its productivity application.

Instead of getting a fresh lick of paint or a slew of new features, Pageonce 2.0--which lets you view status feeds for your social networks, e-mail, flights, and finances from a centralized app--will simply, importantly, give you full managerial control over the app's basic functions. Starting Wednesday, you'll be able to register, add accounts, and delete them from the phone.

While the new functionality is more a win for first-time users than for those who have been around since the early beta, being able to join up and build your feed from the phone is critical if Pageonce is to virally succeed. It also seems prudent, I should add, to let people delete accounts on a mobile application with your bank balance, stock portfolio, and credit card charges.

We'll post Pageonce 2.0 for BlackBerry here when it goes live Wednesday. It will also be available over the air at for many BlackBerry phones, including the touch-screen Storm.

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