Overcoming iPhone envy

Rise above the iPhone hubbub! This collection of our favorite iPod software may rekindle your love of the original 'iDevice.'

Is your iPod feeling abandoned? (Credit: CNET Networks)

If your iPod is turning green with envy or blue with neglect from the incessant roar over Apple's iPhone (check our nerve center for the latest news, reviews, and apps), it may be time to revisit the programs that made you and your iPod inseparable until now.

Seth Rosenblatt's collection of best iPodware includes iGadget, the ultimate iPod data-syncing and management utility; MediaMonkey, a hit jukebox; and the Plato Video to iPod Converter, which makes your iPod video-ready.

Wedge in those headphones deep enough; crank up the volume loud enough, and you may never even hear all that iPhone trumpeting. Just don't forget to comment below on your favorite iPod software.

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