Opera Mini browser getting ready for Verizon--sort of

The Opera Mini mobile browser is now ready to be implemented for phones on the BREW platform, including Verizon. Carrier licensing and certification come next.

Opera logo

Verizon users with high-end phones may soon have another choice for surfing the Web--Opera Mini 4 (on CNET Download.com). Opera Software announced on Thursday compatibility with Qualcomm's BREW platform, on which Verizon and many other carriers worldwide run.

Although Opera Software has ported code for its mobile browser to the BREW platform, you won't be downloading the app tomorrow. It will remain unavailable until BREW carriers certify or license the browser, and decide if it will be made available through the Opera Mini Web site or through the carrier's interface. The only exception? Verizon BlackBerrys, which are compatible with Opera Mini now, though they lack a minor functionality.

Since Qualcomm approved developers and requires a digital signature for each product, the implementation process differs for the BREW and Java environments.

Visit the Opera Mini Web site for a list of compatible phones, and watch this First Look video to see how the Opera Mini 4 mobile browser works.

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