Opera Mini 5.1 beta for Nokia adds copy/paste, e-mail support

Opera Software introduces some changes that are going to make the Opera Mini 5.1 beta browser significantly more user-friendly for some Nokia Symbian S60 smartphone owners.

Opera Mini 5.1 beta for Symbian/Nokia

Opera Software, continuing to develop its mobile browsers, today released a beta update to Opera Mini for Nokia's Symbian S60 smartphones.

Opera Mini 5.1 beta (mobile download) makes some small but significant tweaks to the Opera Mini browser for the Symbian platform, including integrating support for the phone's native copy and paste, as well as the native e-mail client.

That means you'll be able to use the phone's copy and paste functionality and also trigger the Nokia smartphone's e-mail composition window when you click a mail-to link in the Opera browser.

Other additions include back-end tweaks to page loading and page scrolling in an effort to speed them up, work on fonts in an aim to improve their readability, and support for more Nokia handsets.

The mobile browser is currently available in English, with support for more languages to follow as the beta develops.

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