Opera Mini 4.2 jumps into final release

Opera Software releases version 4.2 of its mobile software for Java phones just two weeks after introducing its beta and only one day after porting it to Google Android phones.

Opera Mini 4.2, now with more skins, available for Java phones.

Only yesterday Opera Mini 4.2 beta joined Google's Android Market. On Tuesday, the mini update to Opera's mobile browser for Java phones became the app's new benchmark.

The version 4.2 release appears identical to the beta version (review), made available for download just two weeks before. It boasts speeds up to 30 percent faster, a modified video playback that triggers a media player to stream a video, greater multilingual support, and the reintroduction of skins, a visual extra that had made a short hiatus when Opera upgraded Mini to version 4.0.

In addition, Opera's release of Mini 4.2 coincides with Sprint's upgrade to version MR-4 of its firmware, a bug fixing release that will let Opera users download the mobile browser to Samsung Instinct phones.

Download Opera Mini 4.2 for Java phones.

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